SMMUSD is pleased to make school facilities available for rental when they are not being used for school programs and activities. The Facility Permits Office coordinates all outside use of school facilities including filming on school property, large special events, meetings, after school programs, and the use of auditoriums and other theatrical spaces.

All outside events require a permit from the Facility Permits Office.

How to obtain a facility use permit:
  • RULES OF USE: Please review the Rules of Use for Facilities when considering the use of school facilities. There are policies and regulations (such as the State law prohibiting the use of tobacco and alcohol on school sites) that you need to be aware of and be willing to honor.

  • AVAILABILITY: Please download and fill out an Availability Request Form.
    • Submitting an Availability Request Form does not commit you to a rental or reserve a space.
    • NEED HELP SELECTING A FACILITY? Leave blank the boxes referring to "school site" and "facility."
    • Return the Availability Request Form to the Facility Permit Office by email (facilitypermits@smmusd.org), fax (310-255-7992) or mail (Santa Monica HS, Attn: Facility Permits, 601 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405.)
    • Our office will send the Availability Request Form to the appropriate Administrator to determine if the facility is available on the date and time of your request.

  • ESTIMATE: If the facility is available, our office will send you a rough estimate of costs. The estimate may be revised as we learn more about your event and your needs.
    • All organizations are required to pay the permit fee listed below and any direct personnel costs, even if there is no facility rental fee.
    • To determine your fee category, either use the Rate Flow Chart.
    • Rental Fees are based on the Facility Fee Schedule approved by the Board of Education.
Permit Fees
Organizations are required to pay a permit fee according to the following schedule:
Commercial Category: $100
Direct Category: $50
Basic Category: $25
After School Category: $25
Affiliate Category: $0
Personnel Costs
Organizations are required to pay all direct personnel costs, even if there is no facility fee. Currently these costs are (per hour):
Coordinator or Technical Lead: $50
Front of House Coordinator: $42
Stage Technician: $42
Site Representative: $42
Security Officer: $45
Custodian: $42
Lifeguard: $35
Gardener: $35

    During the entire term of this application and any extension or modification thereof, the Licensee shall maintain General Liability insurance coverage with a minimum limit of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 general aggregate, and if Licensee's employees perform work on the premises, Worker's Compensation insurance per the statutory requirement. Insurance carriers providing the required coverage must have an A.M. Best's rating of "A" or better. A Certificate of Insurance must be provided with the application showing that the required coverage is in place and that the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District is named an Additional Insured on the General Liability coverage. An Additional Insured Endorsement page must be attached to the Certificate of Insurance.

  • RENTAL AGREEMENT: If you choose to proceed, the Permit Office develops a rental agreement and invoice for the permit.
  • SUBMIT DOCUMENTS: To complete the permit, you will need to provide the following items to the Permit Office:
    • Signed agreement – It must be signed by an authorized representative of your group.
    • Check for rental fee as per the invoice.
    • Check for security deposit. If a refundable security deposit is required as part of this agreement, the amount will be determined by the Facility Permits Office. Your check will be held and returned, uncashed, unless needed to cover damage or personnel overages.
    • Insurance certificate. You must present a Certificate of Liability Insurance of at least $1,000,000 naming SMMUSD as additionally insured. If your group does not have liability insurance, let us know and we can help you obtain insurance for your event.
    • Non-Profit – Non-profit organizations must present their letter of determination from the IRS to receive the lower non-profit rates.
    • Rules of Use - http://www.smmusd.org/facility_permits/pdf/RulesofUse.pdf
    • Riders (if applicable) - see examples under RENTAL AGREEMENT.

  • FACILITY USE PERMIT: When all documents have been received, the Facility Permits Office will issue you a rental permit. You must have a copy of the permit with you while you are on the facility. Facility use is approved only when a completed permit has been issued.

For more information, please contact the Facility Permit Office. Our office is in the basement of Barnum Hall on the campus of Santa Monica High School. The office is open for telephone calls from 9:30am - 6:00pm, Monday – Friday, at 310-395-3204, ext. 71586. For personal visits, please phone ahead, though we are usually in the office between 9:00am and 6:00pm Monday – Friday.

601 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90405    I    310-395-3204 x71586    I    Fax: 310-255-7992